Monday, August 26, 2013

Why Ethereal Jaunt?

Hello, this is Anthony, the guy who's been doing some RPG blogging over at Once More Unto the Breach for a few years now. So, why would I set up another RPG blog? Well, for a number of reasons: 
1) I wanted to claim the name "Ethereal Jaunt" as soon as it occurred to me. I always liked the title of that particular old-school D&D spell. Anyway, I thought it might be a cool name for a blog dedicated to exploring the RPG hobby, as well as the things that inspire those that participate in the hobby, i.e. published fiction, movies, television shows, etc.

2) As much as I love my original blog, and as much time and effort as I've put into it (which is not nearly as much as some other bloggers, but it is still a labor of love for me), it occurred to me that eventually I will no longer be "newly returned" to the hobby. The point of starting Once More Unto the Breach was mostly for my own benefit (which I know is not a novel thing), to focus me and give me a way to document my return to table-top RPGs after a long absence. But at the same time, I wanted to join the online community that had been partly responsible for my return to the hobby, and if possible give something back, if only just by adding another voice of support to the movement.

You see, I feel like I owe a debt to the RPG blog community. A few years back, I was in a place in life where I felt something was missing. I was missing a creative outlet, as well as a way to meet some like-minded people that were into the same things I was: reading fantasy fiction, playing games from companies such as Fantasy Flight Games (mostly board games), watching fantasy and science fiction film/television, etc.

I did some soul-searching, and wound up thinking that I should make good on a promise I had made to myself many years before: that someday I would consider getting back into roleplaying. Over the intervening years I had all but given up on that desire. But one day in a funk I starting surfing the web, on a whim, for the topic of roleplaying. I wanted to see what was out there, beyond the Wizards of the Coast website. And I came upon Grognardia and some other blogs (Gothridge Manor, Jeff's Gameblog, etc). And of course the rest is history.

Thus, the reason for my recent post regarding "lost Grognardia" arose from my gratitude to James and other bloggers for sharing their enthusiasm for the hobby with me and other readers. This enthusiasm infected me, gave me the boost I needed to believe a return to RPGs would be worthwhile. I definitely think my life has become more imaginative and enjoyable because I've gotten back into roleplaying. It gave me a new source of friends as well as the creative outlet I was craving.

SO...and now to the real point of creating Ethereal Jaunt. I wanted to create a separate space for reviewing games, fiction, etc. I want to keep Once More Unto the Breach as a place where I wax more philosophical about gaming, and leave the more "practical" discussions for Ethereal Jaunt.

In addition, if I have to be honest, sometimes Once More Unto the Breach seems like a rather clunky title for a blog. Ethereal Jaunt seems much more functional, pithy, catchy. At least to me.

I am also trying to motivate myself to get into a habit of more blogging activity. It might just be my opinions I will share, but I'm going to try to give a fair assessment of the things I discuss on this new blog.

If all else fails, Ethereal Jaunt may become my primary, one-and-only blog. Because, as I said earlier, I've already gone "unto the breach" of roleplaying, and I think I might be well beyond said breach. I'm well into the "habit" again, by my estimation. I've moved into the castle beyond the breach, as it were. And so far, I do not intend to retreat!

Therefore, good people, if you see fit, I invite you to follow my new blog. Come take a jaunt with me across the multiverse of roleplaying goodness out there! I hope you enjoy the ride!